Month: March 2012

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  • March
    18 2012

    Senate Approves Bill To Aid Gulf Coast States With BP Oil Spill Fines

    According to recent reports, the Senate has approved a highway bill which includes beneficial provisions for the Gulf Coast. Sources say that the bill guarantees that 80 percent of the fines collected from the April 2010 BP oil spill, which could reach $20 billion, would be distributed for coastal restoration to the five states along […]

  • March
    17 2012

    BP Oil Spill Settlement— Need to Know

    How does the Order issued by the Louisiana federal court on March 8, affect me? The order issued by the Louisiana federal court creates a transition process for dealing with BP oil spill litigation claims. The order outlines a new evaluation process for claims which are still pending with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF). […]

  • March
    16 2012

    BP Oil Spill Settlement Health Program

    According to various media reports in, the specifics of the BP oil spill settlement are still unknown to the public. However, according to the parts which have been made public, the health program is available to the estimated 90,000 cleanup workers and other spill responders such as government workers. The story states the settlement will […]

  • March
    15 2012

    After BP Settlement Attention Will Shift to Civil and Criminal Penalties From Oil Spill

    According to reports, in the wake of BP's $7.8 billion dollar settlement with Plaintiffs over the Gulf Coast oil spill, the company's financial focus will now turn toward possible fines with the United Sates government. Sources say that BP may face as much as $17.6 billion in civil pollution fines and possibly billions of dollars […]

  • March
    14 2012

    BP Oil Spill Settlement For Cleanup Workers

    According to reports, the settlement that BP is hashing out with oil spill victims will provide for a system which monitors health concerns and compensates people whose illness are found to have a direct link to the April 2010 BP Oil Spill. Many Gulf Coast residents are happy that their cases will get a serious […]

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