Month: September 2012

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  • September
    27 2012

    Louisiana Insurance of Last Resort Settles Class Action Lawsuits

    According to reports, a Louisiana state operated insurance company of last resort, Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance, has agreed to settle two remaining class actions lawsuits related to its handling of claims after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Sources say the board unanimously voted to settle the lawsuits for 61 million dollars. However, the board also authorized […]

  • September
    13 2012

    State Farm Faces Criminal Investigation For Denying Hurricane Ike Claims

    State Farm Insurance is the nation's largest home insurer. According to ABC News Agency, the insurance company faces a criminal investigation in Texas concerning the handling of tens of thousands of hurricane claims. Reportedly, the investigation has also been confirmed by the Travis County District Attorney's Office. Sources say the investigation was instigated after officials […]

  • September
    12 2012

    Deepwater Horizon Settlements Payments Slow to Start

    According to a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, thousands of Gulf Coast residents damaged by the 2010 oil spill must decide by November 1, whether to participate in a class action settlement. However, the Chronicle reports that most are not sure what exactly the deal will offer. According to the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center, […]

  • September
    06 2012

    Hurricane Isaac Turns Up Tar Balls From BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill

    According reports, in the wake of Hurricane Isaac many Gulf Coast locals in Alabama and Louisiana have discovered tar balls and oil in areas once underneath the now receded waterline. Sources say officials even closed a 13-mile stretch of the beach. According to BP, some of the oil was from the infamous Deepwater Horizon oil […]

  • September
    01 2012

    BP Announces Sale of California Refinery Following 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

    According to a recent article featured in the Houston Chronicle, BP’s recent 1 billion dollar sale of its California refinery can be considered a part of what some are calling a “corporate garage sale.” Sources say the move was a part of BP’s long term plan to raise money and curb global operations by divesting […]