Month: March 2015

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  • March
    30 2015

    Construction Worker Injury Lawsuit Gets $10M Verdict

    A Florida jury ruled that a builder must pay $10 million in a construction worker injury lawsuit filed by a worker who had a building collapse on him. The jury ruled that SEMCO Construction must pay Robert Matthews after a building he was working on collapsed on him in 2009. The construction worker injury lawsuit […]

  • March
    27 2015

    Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit Wins SCOTUS Appeal

    The Supreme Court ruled that a woman who filed a workplace pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against United Parcel Service can have her case reviewed by a lower court. The court ruled by a 6-3 margin to block a lower court decision in a workplace pregnancy discrimination lawsuit brought by former UPS employee Peggy Young. The suit […]

  • March
    25 2015

    NC Construction Site Death Probe Could Take Months

    The probe into three construction site deaths at a Raleigh high rise could take months to uncover the root causes. Four men reportedly fell more than 200 feet from scaffold. Three died at the scene, while the other was hospitalized. The victims worked for a scaffolding company that had received two prior safety citations. A […]

  • March
    23 2015

    GM Ignition Switch Death Toll Rises to 74

    The administrator of the automaker’s reimbursement fund for recalled vehicles announced that the GM ignition switch death toll now stands at 74. Attorney Ken Feinberg stated that the company recently paid out an additional seven GM ignition switch death claims, as well as 13 new injury claims. The company is still reviewing more than 1,300 […]

  • March
    19 2015

    Report: Workers’ Compensation Covers One-Fifth of Medical Costs

    A report from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration showed that state-run workers’ compensation programs cover only 21 percent of medical costs and lost wages from work-based injuries. The report also showed that taxpayers cover 16 percent of the costs from their payments into the Medicaid and Social Security systems, while private insurers cover another […]